Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Mommy's Day

Our first Mother's Day has been just awesome. Michele and I decided that we both deserve a special day, so the Saturday is Michele's day and the Sunday will be mine. Today we started the day with breakfast. I asked Michele what she wanted and she requested peanut butter toast and chocolate milk. I tried to talk her into something a little more elaborate but she insisted, so that's what I made her. Then I gave her the special gift I had made for her: a photo book telling the story of our journey to motherhood. She loved it. Then we spent the day at the Lilac Festival. It was Zoe's first festival and she did great. Michele carried her in the Ergo carrier so she had the perfect view of everything and everyone. A great day was had by all!
Zoe and Mommy on Mommy's Day!

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