Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Birthday Month

Ahh, it's finally May, my birthday month. Last May was a strange mix of pregnancy excitement and day-long morning sickness, which nearly ruined my favorite day of the year: my birthday. Now everyday feels like a favorite day since Zoe makes everyday very exciting. This birthday month, though, hosts our first mother's day and my first birthday as a mom. I can't wait to see what Michele picks out as my gift from Zoe. I have such fond memories of going shopping with one parent for the other parent's mother's/father's day or birthday present. And I have even fonder memories of being old enough to pick out or make presents for myself. My favorite was the undershirt I made my dad for father's day with a picture of a triple scoop ice cream cone on the front - not exactly military issue! And the macaroni jewelry for my mom. I can't wait to start my own collection of pasta and ice cream accessories! This year Zoe will get a little help from Michele, but it's still exciting! My birthday month feels so very extra special already!

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