Friday, October 19, 2012

Brownies - An Epic Failure

I can do a lot of things but one thing I have never been successful at is making brownies. They always come out a greasy gooey mess swimming in oil no matter what I do. I bake other things well so I'm not measuring deficient. I make great cornbread, which, like brownies, warns you not to over mix, so I'm not mixing deficient. I have no idea why I cannot make brownies. Not even from a mix! You know, one of those "just add eggs and oil" mixes. Epic failure every time!

I LOVE brownies so I'm grateful that Michele makes wonderful brownies. I just hate not succeeding at something so I keep trying. I don't even come close to something edible. Although Michele did attend to eat one of my brownies once...with a spoon!

I'm not asking to master them or be the best brownie maker in the block. I'm just trying for edible. Any ideas or suggestions will be gratefully accepted.

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