Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gratitude and Goals

Is it any wonder that she tops
my gratitude list?
I've decided to spends Sundays focusing on all my blessings (not that I don't think about them everyday, but I think it's good to set time aside for just that) and thinking about what I want to accomplish during the week to come. Sometimes I spend so much time focusing on what I haven't gotten done, that I don't think about what I want to do.

This week, I'm grateful for:
  • Zoe's smiles - What can I say? I'm head over heels in love with her and everytime she smiles my heart melts and I feel invincible.
  • Michele - I'm grateful for everything about Michele, but lately I am just so in love with her as an amazing mom to Zoe. She's so good at loving our little girl.
  • Lisa Gonzalez - Her blog, Happy Mama's Journal, inspires me everytime I read it. She is so full of goodness and light that I feel blessed for having known her.
  • Wegmans Food Mart - I'm grateful for Wegmans not just because they employ Michele and provide us with an income and health insurance, but because our Wegmans is full of wonderful people who know our names and always have a smile for us and a kind question about Zoe. Plus, I love the convenience of having access to good, healthy food just up the street.
  • Nancy Topolski and her knitting needles - I just got a pair of Nancy's fingerless gloves and for the first time in forever my hands aren't cold as I'm typing this.
  • Amazing crafters vending in the cold - I'm so grateful that my friends Kira, Karen, and Sabra went out in the cold today so that I could enjoy hanging out at a craft show.
  • Good friends and a wonderful family - we worked on Zoe's baby book today, on the section about who her family is, and I count us so lucky to have so many wonderful people written down on those pages. We are very well supported in life.
And my goals for this coming week are:
  • To spend more time in prayer - I don't talk to God nearly enough and I have so much to say "thank you" for.
  • To reach out to a friend with an email or phone call.
  • To keep up with my chores - I'm finally getting caught up and don't want to get behind again.
  • To work on Zoe's flannel quilt - I'd like to finish cutting the fabric.
  • To call my parents - since becoming a parent, I don't talk to them as much as I'd like to. I need to fix that.
With honest intentions, I'll strive to do my best this week and have the best attitude while doing so.

What are you grateful for this week? What would you like to accomplish?

1 comment:

  1. I'm touched to be included in your gratitude list! Thank you, friend.

    I too love Wegman's. I always have a good experience when I go shopping. Always.

    Life is so sweet. I celebrate each of these gifts with you, especially little Zoe. She is so precious!

    xoxo Sending love from NJ



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