Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Zoe's New Throne

Zoe has quickly overcome her premature status and grown very quickly into a sturdy little baby. She's outgrowing her infant carrier/carseat faster than expected. Michele and I weren't quite sure what to do since although in size she's ready for the next carseat, in muscle and head control, she still needs the support of an infant seat. After a lot of research, talking to my sister (big babies run in our family), and talking to Zoe's doctor, we decided on a convertible carseat that will work for Zoe now as a rear-facing seat and can be converted into a forward-facing seat later. More research found the Britax convertible carseats. Zoe's new throne arrived today. It's about the prettiest carseat I've ever seen! What a lucky little person! We'll head over to the fire department this week to get it installed properly and ready to roll!

Researching and finding the best of the best of what this little angel needs feels almost like a full-time job, but it's one that I really enjoy. I love learning all about anything having to do with Zoe!

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