Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Big Purge

Michele and I had grand plans before Zoe was born. Plans to purge our home of all the excess. Unfortunately, we started to collect the excess and then I was put on bedrest and then Zoe came five weeks early and then and then and then. . . So the excess is half collected and is congregating throughout our home. I woke up the other morning and told Michele that I was suffocating. "Suffocating?" she asked. "Why?" "We have TOO much stuff!" And thus started the big purge.

Now Michele has always been a minimalist, so this purge should have been easy for her and difficult for me, the collector, but it's been really easy and fun for me. The more things I put in the "Thrift store" or "trash" piles, the easier it gets for me to breathe! I love it! It's actually great to send what used to be treasures to me to new homes where they will hopefully be treasures to someone else. The goal, however, is to resist filling up newly emptied spaces with cool new stuff for Zoe. Now that's a challenge!

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