Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gallery Opening Debrief

The display in the studio - this was the
view when you first walk in.
The showroom space - This is where
the exhibit will be til the 19th
Oh boy, was this weekend an amazing time! The opening went great - we had hoards of people on Friday night and a nice flow of serious buyers on Saturday. I loved the crowds on Friday, but really enjoyed having the time and space to talk to people on Saturday. My step mom, Gloria, came to see the show and we put her to work helping Michele keep the food restocked - boy did the Friday visiters EAT! On Saturday, Michele had to work, but since most folks were more interested in shopping than eating, there wasn't much food restocking. Spending time with Jennifer and Sabra from Crocus Clay was such a treat - I really loved getting to know them better. After the show on Saturday, we set up the "exhibit" that will be up in the showroom until the 19th and off we went to dinner and a show to reward ourselves for our hard work. And work hard we certainly did! It was so worth it, though! What an amazing time!
The overflow shelf - pleasantly
decreased by the
end of the weekend!

A bowl of overflow ornaments - very popular
and very gone by the end of the show!

End of day one getting on the freight
elevator - Gloria's first time and it made
us all feel VERY urban!



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