Wednesday, December 22, 2010

And Winter Begins

I had fun with pockets and
playing around
with fabrics for a guy!
I hope this the beginning of winter finds you all well (weather issues aside!). The end of fall and beginning of winter heading into the holidays has found me pleasantly swamped with work - both my day job and my quilting shop! It's been great fun at both jobs!

I've been doing alot of new things and creating lots of new patterns for things. It's been so fun! Probably the coolest thing so far was a very custom iPod Touch pouch for my friend, John. I love all the little pockets!

These dog collars kinda
make me want to get a
dog! But not quite!

I also had a ball making quilted dog collars - never thought I'd find myself making dog collars, but they are really very fun to make and look so cool when they're done!

Little squares ready and waiting to become star sashing!

I think my favorite thing over the past few weeks is the baby quilt I'm making for a friend of a friend. I don't make many baby quilts - in fact this is only my third - so it's a special treat. This baby's colors are lavendar and sage, but I went a little more intense with a brighter purple and green. I just had to once I found the adorable monkey fabric! It called to me and begged to be used for this quilt. I'm almost done and will share the finished product as soon as I am! I hope you've all had as much fun getting ready for the holidays!
Four patch squares ready to be added to the quilt!

A pile of monkeys! Giggling and having fun! Who could resist?


  1. Hi!! We have had winter for a while.... It is -15C It`s freezing cold...... But two days, and we can celebrate Christmas!! So happy Christmas to you!! The best!! Anne:-)

  2. What a wonderful bunch of projects. Its nice to see a sewn gift for a guy. And those monkeys are adorable

  3. That is nice project,You have said it very well.

  4. Very colorful post. Thanks for sharing this.



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