Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mug Rug Swap

I participated in a fun swap for mug rugs hosted by Michele Foster at the Quilting Gallery. I'd never heard of a mug rug, but the concept is pretty simple: it's like a coaster on steroids or, alternatively, like a miniature placemat. It's big enough for a large mug of coffee (tea) and a treat. Right up my alley! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! Whoever originally thought of the idea is brilliant!

I made a coffee-themed rug for my swappie. I fussy-cut sections from
Debbie Mum's Coffee Break and set those pieces into the coffee bean
on blue. I really like how it came out. It looks simple, but the piecing
required quite a bit of math. I like that difficult piecing looks simple in the end.

My swap partner really likes selvages, so I wanted to incorporate
them into one of the rugs. I really love this fabric line: Rainy Days
and Mondays by Riley Blake. It has really pretty selvages which
I never noticed until I started looking through my fabric to find one
to work with. I don't know if I will use selvages in the future, but it
was really fun to incorporate them in this and I like how it turned out!
I got this beauty in the mail from Eindhoven - in the Netherlands.
Oh, it's gorgeous isn't it!! Maya, from Maya's Scrap Basket did
an amazing job! I love the fabric - reminds me of apple picking. I
plan to keep this one on my sewing table for the cup of tea that
rarely leaves my side. My little tea pot fits right beside it! Nice!
This is rug #2 from Maya. So fun! I really love this one, too!
Watermelon is a real favorite of mine and I love that I have a fall
and a summer rug - though I'll use both all year round! This one
is heading to work with me to grace my desk and allow my
little work teapot to rest upon it. Now this is living! Thanks Maya!!

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  1. You are right, what was I thinking.
    Great job and a good theme. And thanks for the mention.
    Thanks for the kind words and the plug. Much appreciated.



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