Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Priorities, Vacation, and Juggling

Hello! I just had a big show this past weekend and preparations for it made me neglect telling you about days seven and eight of our vacation. Day seven was particularly important because Michele interviewed for a local job and GOT IT!! We had a dual celebration of Michele's success and Mum's birthday at our favorite place: Red Robin! Fun was had by all!

Day eight was Mum's actual birthday, but it was also Mum's last day with us, so we made her a special breakfast: homemade shortbread with warm peaches, peach syrup, and whipped cream - we used peaches I'd canned over the summer and it was divine!

Michele's now been home for a week and a half and started her new job on Monday and this wonderful event has presented me with the following lovely challenges:
  1. Since the "cat" is no longer away, what do I do about my blog title? Change it? Leave it as it is as a reminder?
  2. I started my business to keep me occupied for the long weeks Michele was on the road and now it's really taking off. I've never been good at prioritizing and finding balance, but I really need to do both to keep it all together.
  3. Michele HATES Star Trek, but the only time I have to sit and watch TV is time that I could be sitting and watching TV with her. How will I ever get through TOS by sneaking episodes here and there when she's out of the house?
OK, so maybe challenge number two is the only REAL challenge I need to deal with, but one and three are pretty fun to contemplate! It will also be fun to see what kind of trouble I get into right under Michele's nose now that she's home and will likely say things like "Don't rip up that floor, hon!" and "Michelle, I don't think you need to take the oven door apart in order to tighten the handle!"


  1. What great challenges to have! Sometimes the biggest challenge is dealing with less time to oneself and more shared time. Sounds wonderful until it actually comes to pass. This is why I love the camping trip weekends when DH and some of the boys are gone. Those are MY weekends!

    Maybe Michele will learn to like Star Trek just a little, maybe?

    Have fun meeting those challenges!

  2. Michele Michele Michele Michele in NY! That's my favorite. Congratulations.

    I love that your business is doing so great. Everyone loves Michelle's creations over here.

  3. i'm so glad that michele's home for good! :)



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